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1 Knowing about chemical free food..

2. How to grow using regenerative farming methods


This website link below is for 

1.If you are a farmer and want to know how to grow things using biodynamics

2. If you are a foodie and want to see how biodynamic farmers grow your food


Click this link



If you are a small acreage farmer and want to learn more..


Chefs and foodies ..want to see how our Rocket Rates against the supermarket stuff checkout

The Age Good Food Guide


Farmers market goers ...checkout our efforts at the Slow Food Link



Some of our food growing secrets are here but don't tell anyone.



Thankyou to John Bradshaw for allowing us to put this on our website.












You can get back issues going to the following website.

The following cover is the magazine our article is in.



The following article was in Good Organic Gardening Magazine 2012. This magazine is still published, if you wish to subscribe see

the details below this article. 














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